oa Boleswa Journal of Theology, Religion and Philosophy - The contemporary relevance of Aquinas' natural law theory to euthanasia

Volume 1, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1817-2741



St. Thomas Aquinas lived between 1225 and 1274 but his person, work and thought survived the thirteenth century in which he lived and permeated the succeeding centuries even up to the contemporary one i.e. the twenty first century. The moment you talk of the philosophical postulations of St. Thomas Aquinas, which he enunciated in the thirteenth century, some scholars especially those who belong to the analytic tradition would immediately want an easy shelving of all his ideas. They think that his ideas belong to the antiquity and could not in anyway compete with the development and convenience which the modern science has brought to mankind. Specifically, in this paper, we want to bring out clearly the practical application of his natural law theory to the contemporary ethical issues arising from discussions on euthanasia. Offering a practical application of Aquinas' natural law theory to contemporary ethical issues is very important because many people have erroneously held the notion that the whole philosophical system of St. Thomas Aquinas let alone his natural law theory is outmoded and could not stand the innovation and ingenuity of the modern science.

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