oa Business Management Review - ISO 9000 certification: some lessons from a large firm in Tanzania

Volume 11, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0856-2253



We present some findings on the implementations and achievements of ISO 9000 standard certification at the Tanzania Cigarette Company (TCC). Among other things we examine the motivation behind adoption of the standard and attempt to measure the implemented changes in terms of quality management. Though positive social impact, improved business results and increased customer satisfaction were recorded in the period following ISO 9000 implementation, these results were not viewed as resulting from ISO 9000 quality standard but rather from privatisation and what transpired during the process of seeking ISO 9000 certification. The findings suggest that ISO 9000 certification does not improve performance and that firms already on a steady growth path should seek the standard so as to maintain good performance. With the initial need being to raise standards, a policy intervention and/or creating a local intermediate standard may be necessary for SMEs seeking ISO 9000 certification.

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