oa Business Management Review - Management of a dairy enterprise of the Friesian/zebu cross at Uyole, Tanzania: a linear programming approach

Volume 4, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0856-2253



Simulation Models are generally used to determine management parameters such as the optimal herd size, farm organisation, etc. when the quality and quantity offorage on offer can be predicted with a certain level of confidence on daily basis. The quality and the quantity of forage on offer depends mainly on the growth parameters of the forages themselves, the climatic conditions, etc. Studies of this nature are rare in Tanzania and as such use of the method to determine the herd size and other management parameters is not possible. A Linear Programming Model to determine an approximate herd size and how to organise the farm is presentedfor Uyole. The model uses the yearly quantity and quality of forage on offer. From the model results, an insight on how to organize the farm for a profitable farm operation is presented.

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