oa Business Management Review - Employment of Faculty of Commerce and Management B.Com graduates: a comparative analysis between accounting, finance and marketing graduates

Volume 5, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 0856-2253



The paper presents findings of a study that sought to find out whether there were differences in the employment situation between the Faculty of Commerce and Management (FCM) graduates of the University of Dar-Es-Salaam. Research findings show that accounting graduates had leverage over finance and marketing graduates. They approached fewer employers for a job, they got employed earlier, they were more flexible in getting jobs, they had more job satisfaction, they held more senior positions and they enjoyed higher status. In addition, accounting graduates were professionally more satisfied, they earned higher salaries, they changed jobs more often, they were more ambitious and had higher future expectations. On the other hand, finance graduates took longest to get employed, they contacted more employers while looking for jobs, they were least satisfied with their jobs, more were employed by government institutions, and they held relatively lower job positions. Findings suggested there were fewer finance-related jobs in the market. Marketing graduates took longest to be promoted, they were the lowest paid and had more side jobs than their counterparts. Marketing graduates aspired for increasing side jobs and creating their own businesses than their counterparts did. Overall, most of the surveyed graduates had realised their career expectations to a high extent. The parastatal sector was found to be the major employer of FCM graduates, the majority of who were in banking and finance. These findings may, as of now, have been overtaken by the changes in the economy. This calls for a continuous update of the findings for meaningful feedback to the FCM.

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