oa Business Management Review - Readiness factors for e-learning in higher learning institution in Tanzania: opinion of academic members of staff

Volume 9, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0856-2253



Higher learning institutions in Tanzania, like others worldwide, need to take advantage of ICT to remain competitive. It is believed that organisations can save up to 70 per cent of their training budget when instituting e-learning courses. One obvious importance of e-learning is that the lecturers will not have to physically appear in the lecture theatres; students may cut down the cost of commuting to the colleges and save costs related to their accommodation and the enrolment may be significantly increased In addition, e-learning personalizes the learning experience and allows for greater flexibility. As such, employees interested in continuing education while employed can take courses around their schedules and at their own pace. The overall study objective was to determine the e-readiness factors for e-learning at higher learning institutions in Tanzania. This paper is part of this overall study. The paper looks at the factors from the lecturers' perspective. The paper reveals that several factors are important in readiness for e-learning. These include the learning mechanisms, e-learning culture, e-learning management support, facilitator and individual learner, the technology, content, and policy.

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