oa Bothalia - African Biodiversity & Conservation - The complex (Phaseoleae, Fabaceae) in Southern Africa, including the description of a new variety and new species : original research

Volume 46 Number 1
  • ISSN : 0006-8241
  • E-ISSN: 2311-9284



The complex is one of three taxonomically complicated African groups in the genus . Numerous southern African species and infraspecific taxa (at least 19 names, 17 species and 2 varieties) have been described by various authors in the past, but were later reduced into synonymy with . Currently, only the typical variety is recognised in Southern Africa.

To investigate and update the circumscription of the taxa within the complex in southern Africa and to update their synonymies and distribution ranges.
Specimens of at GRA, JRAU, K, NH and PRE were studied and compared, and measurements of characters recorded. Populations were also observed during field studies.
The examination of numerous specimens, as well as field investigations, has prompted the recognition of four varieties (one described here as new: var. ) and a new species () in southern Africa.
A great variation in leaf structure and vestiture occurs within the complex, with the extreme forms easily recognisable. However, the total number of varieties are limited to four [ vars. and ] and a new species described to accommodate specimens with a distinctly prostrate habit and upwardly directed leaves.

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