oa Botswana Notes & Records - A new groundwater resources map for the Republic of Botswana at the scale of 1:1 000 000

Volume 20, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0525-5090



A new Groundwater Resources Map of Botswana at the scale of I:I 000 000 has been prepared by the Geological Survey Department, Lobatse. The map will hopefully assist planners and decision-makers, to supply them with essential information about groundwater resources for planning and development purposes. Providing a synthesis of the hydrogeological knowledge for the entire country, it will also help scientists to detect differences and similarities in the hydrogeological setting of Botswana. In this paper the concept and compilation of the map are descriptionbed. The conclusions drawn from the map form the basis for a rational orientation of future investigation and development projects. Additionally, the proposals for future research which are derived from the conclusions, may help to optimise project planning as far as hydrogeology is concerned.

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