oa Botswana Notes & Records - New facts and intetpretations of events in the Anglo-South Aftica War in the Gaborone area, 1899-1900

Volume 35, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0525-5090



In September 1899 as it became obvious that war between the United Kingdom and the Boer Republics was inevitable the two protagonists began to take up positions along the border between the Transvaal Republic and Bechuanaland. The main foci of action were Mafeking (now Mafikeng) and Fort Tuli, where the imperial authorities had stationed two newly-raised Troops: the Protectorate and Rhodesia Regiments respectively. This article adds further historical material to an earlier one by ourselves (Millington and Burrett 2000) correcting errors and making additional comments about the sites as they appear on the ground.

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