n South African Journal of Business Management - The bimodal character of stock distribution

Volume 32, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 2078-5585


The bimodal character of stocks is demonstrated when they are classified according to their style. Stocks are often assigned, on the basis of some valuation parameter, uniquely as either value or growth even though, over time, changes in a stock's-growth probability should trace the evolution of the corporate life cycle. This study is concerned with investigating the relationship of that probability to market cycles. Two hundred and eighty eight stocks from the ASEAN are tracked over an eight-year period. The percentages of those, on a monthly basis, that are in the top quintile of EPS growth, as well as the top quintile of major value (current) styles are calculated. Using multidimensional scaling, the study concludes that the degree of differentiation between growth and value rises as the market declines, and that styles are purer at the bottom than at the top of the market cycle.

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