n South African Journal of Business Management - Management values at the Southern Sun Group

Volume 33, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 2078-5585


South African companies need to become increasingly competitive and productive in the global economy while complying with the statutory requirements of a range of labour legislation. Implementation of the requirements of the Employment Equity Act is likely to result in greater diversity within companies and increasing representation of different race groups at all levels. As management practices may need to be tailored to harness, for competitive advantage, the diverse values that employees bring to the workplace, it was the objective of the present exploratory study to measure similarities and differences in values for managers in the Southern Sun Group, a prominent hotel group in South Africa. The methodology involved obtaining a convenience sample of 68 managers from three race groups, and having them complete the VSM94 instrument (Hofstede, 1994) with the aim of investigating similarities and differences in values between such groups. The findings indicate that managers in the sample evidence both similar and different values along the Hofstede (1994) values dimensions. The study addresses the implications for the Southern Sun Group of managing an increasingly diverse workforce. Where differences in value orientations are apparent, recommendations are made to the management of the Southern Sun Group as to how management practices could be adapted to effectively respond to these differences.

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