n South African Journal of Business Management - E-commerce adoption in South African businesses

Volume 36, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 2078-5585


The modern economy is an ever-changing environment and businesses need to adapt to maintain competitive advantagesand secure profits. Trade and communication barriers have faded leading to a more global and international environment.Technological advances, such as computer innovation and networks, changed the face of economic trade and play animportant role in the global and electronic marketplace. Electronic commerce (e-commerce) is a low-cost way ofconducting economic activities, as well as, building global business partnerships to interchange information throughinterconnected networks.<br>The current awareness of the e-commerce adoption amongst the respondents in South African businesses are the focus ofthis article and the results of an empirical study that incorporates on-line businesses that offer products or services toconsumers.<br>A large practical significance was found on the importance and role of technology as a competitive advantage inbusiness, especially in marketing, expert knowledge, increasing sales, enhancement of relationships and the saving oftime. The most important reasons for e-commerce and international trade included profit (86 percent), access to strategicmarkets (64 percent) and international association by means of relationships (61 percent).

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