n South African Journal of Business Management - Investigating the potential for the development of a just-in-time knowledge management model

Volume 41, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 2078-5585


There have been numerous approaches to knowledge management over the past number of years. The term Just-in-Time (JIT) can be defined as a production or inventory scheduling technique found within the more complex production logistics disciplines. JIT is more appropriately thought of as a philosophy, as it is more than a mere set of management and production principles. JIT knowledge management is an endeavour to provide the right knowledge at the right time to the right person. This requires insight into the knowledge demand and supply process as well as the time horizon applicable to the knowledge required. Over the longer term business forecasts, environmental scans and strategic planning can be applied to close the gap between these variables. However, it is in the short term and in the satisfaction of immediate requirements that the present systems fail and management concerns are emphasised. JIT knowledge management seeks an optimisation of the matching process between demand and supply of knowledge within enterprises, i.e. it endeavours to translate the logistic concept of JIT to the knowledge management field. In addition to JIT knowledge management the concept of real-time knowledge management is introduced as an alternative, since present research indicates that the implementation of JIT knowledge management presents major challenges in terms of cost and development effort, restricting its use to mission critical applications. A more generic application of JIT knowledge management needs to be developed and it is contended that real-time knowledge management fits the requirements of enabling the enterprise to be agile in respect of its ability to respond to knowledge demands and to be sensitive to future knowledge requirements.

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