n Cabo - Scotland in the Bokaap

Volume 8, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 0379-4830


Almost 300 years ago a Scot from Aberdeen built a modest home on the slopes of Signal Hill. Andrew Thomas, or Andreas Tomasz as the Dutch authorities decided to call him, acquired this strip of land in 1708. Why he chose to ask for land so far up the [western] slopes and isolate himself from his fellow citizens on the floor of Table Valley is one of the mysteries that attend the person of Andrew Thomas? At that date, the little town, hardly worthy of the name, huddled near the shores of Table Bay with only one or two farms sited beyond the Company's Gardens that ended with what is now Orange / Annandale Street. The fact that even in 1708 the property was known as De Schotsche Kloof indicates that it was so named by Thomas, a true son of Scotland, who was determined to remember his native land in his adoptive country. This name is still in use.

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