oa Current Allergy & Clinical Immunology - IgE-mediated cow's milk protein allergy : review articles

Volume 25, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1609-3607



Cow's milk protein allergy (CMPA) is a common condition present in approximately 2-7.5% of children. The diagnosis is usually made in the first 12 months of life by taking a thorough clinical history and by performing confirmatory special investigations. These may include skin-prick tests, blood tests and an oral food challenge, which remains the gold standard investigation. Allergic reactions to cow's milk protein can be prevented by avoiding ingestion of offending foods. This entails a detailed knowledge of food labelling and hidden sources of cow's milk within products. A suitable cow's-milk-free formula should be advised for infants. In case of accidental ingestion, the patient should be equipped with antihistamines and adrenaline autoinjectors if clinically indicated. Children should undergo repeated monitoring and testing for development of clinical tolerance.

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