oa South African Journal of Chemistry - Highly efficient method for solvent-free synthesis of diarylmethane and triarylmethane from benzylic alcohols using PO/AlO or PO/SiO at room temperature : research article

Volume 64, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0379-4350



A highly efficient procedure for the synthesis of triarylmethane and diarylmethane benzylation of aromatic hydrocarbons from benzyl alcohols using supported PO on SiO and / or AlO under solvent-free conditions is described. Excellent yields of triarylmethane and diarylmethane were obtained using PO-SiO (50%W/W) and / or PO-AlO (50%W/W) at room temperature. The reusability of both supported PO on SiO and AlO were examined. Both supported reagents show favorable activities in first and second runs, however, a decline in reactivity was observed in following attempts. The reaction is scalable to >0.03 mole amounts.

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