n Acta Criminologica: Southern African Journal of Criminology - The management of security information by private security service providers

Special Edition 2
  • ISSN : 1012-8093


Corporate governance responsibility is enforced by law in countries such as South Africa and England (King, 1994: 5). Corporate governance should be taken seriously due to the fact that the accountability for corporate governance ultimately rests with the board and executive management levels. If the corporate governance system fails in an organisation/company, the organisation/company will be bound to lose its competitive edge and will not be able to ensure its survival. In South Africa all organisations and companies seeking public listings need to show corporate governance of the management of risks in their companies (Shaw: 2002: 1). The executive managers and members of the board can be taken to court if the integrity, availability or confidentiality of information is compromised in any way. It is also essential that corporate governance include information security as a vital part of governing an organisation/company and that the board and executive management should encourage effective and responsible use of information among all stakeholders in the organisation (Kritzinger, 2006: 74-75). The security risk to operations, personnel, and products of an organisation/company is determined by the presence of a known threat(s) which is difficult to predict in terms of timing or impact (Valsamakis, Vivian & Du Toit, 1996: 3). Since the inception of security risk management in the 1970s it has become popular in South Africa. It was the only security risk assessment activity which was widely used to reduce losses. The principal author made use of a mixed methods approach in order to examine and provide a discussion in this article on present-day security information management practices in organisations/companies.

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