n Acta Criminologica : African Journal of Criminology & Victimology - Safety of students in residences of a university in the Tshwane Metropolitan

Special Edition 2
  • ISSN : 1012-8093


Most institutions of higher learning across South Africa are engaged in developing policies, programmes, and systems to reduce risks and maintain safety and security on their campuses. Although these strategies amount to millions of rands, inadequate empirical research has been conducted to assess the influence of these strategies on the level of violence or students fear. An attempt was made in this article to test ideas voiced by researchers regarding the prevalence and fear of crime despite huge investments made to maintain and improve campus security within institutions of higher learning. Thus, this study seeks to evaluate the frequency and effects of violent incidents to which the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) students are subjected at the Pretoria West Campus. Questionnaires were used to collect data. A group of 60 students were chosen out of a hat from a population of 2170 students. The findings indicated that measures set in place such patrol security officers as well as closed circuit televisions, it was alarming to note that many of the students were uncertain about their safety in their residences. Institutions of higher learning all over the world experience violent incidents and the Pretoria West Campus of TUT was no exception. Based on the findings, this is a concern as students who do not feel safe cannot study effectively. When young students are subjected to abuse or violent incidents, their ability to concentrate is affected detrimentally and they could become paranoid. The findings also revealed that substance abuse were prevalent as alcohol and drugs were taken into the residences without being detected by the security officers on duty. Recommendations were also made and conclusion drawn based on the findings that were discussed.

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