n Acta Criminologica : African Journal of Criminology & Victimology - Illicit drug addiction and dependence - editorial

Volume 2015 Number sed-3
  • ISSN : 1012-8093


Illicit drug use has been identified as a leading health indicator, since it is associated with multiple deleterious health outcomes, such as sexually transmitted diseases, viral hepatitis, and numerous social problems among adolescents and adults. Yet a lacuna in a systematic understanding of current discourses on the psycho-social impacts of illicit drug use, drug trafficking and decriminalisation of drugs in criminological research exists. This Special Issue showcases contemporary research that fills a noteworthy gap in understanding the various facets of illicit substance abuse. Conceptualised with the motive of engaging in 'thicker' debates over the profound discursivities surrounding illicit drug addiction and dependence, this special edition of the society's Journal draws from diverse local, national and international approaches and perspectives.

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