oa CSIR Science Scope - C4 : enabling modelling and simulation through scientific computing : platforms

Volume 2, Issue 4
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High performance computing (HPC), often referred to as supercomputing, is a technology area in the broader domain of information and communications technologies (ICTs). At the most basic level, the purpose of HPC is to enable computer software with demanding computational requirements to be executed in acceptable time frames. The pieces of software are typically aimed at solving research problems in the scientific and engineering world, but there are also many examples of commercial and industrial applications that utilise HPC. The matters of computational requirements and acceptable time frames often go hand-in-hand, which is simply demonstrated by the intuition that an increase in the number of processing cycles per second will yield results in less time than before. In HPC, the aim is thus to enable the solution of computational problems that are so large and complex that they could not be addressed feasibly by conventional techniques.

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