oa South African Journal of Cultural History - Hennie Joubert (1926-1986) se leerjare: "Die gawes van vlyt en deeglikheid"

Volume 10, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1011-3053



Ten years have passed since Joubert died in a motorcar accident. A versatile performing artist, teacher, author on musical subjects, administrator, and founder of the Pretoria International Music Competitions, Joubert made a crucial contribution to South African culture. In this article an overview is presented of his formative years in South Africa (-1948), Zurich (1948-1950) and London (1950-1951,1953-1954). It is surprising to find that in spite of his many successes, he did not pass all the grade examinations in music of the University of South Africa that he attempted. Neither did he pass all of them well. It is noticeable that there were certain sections in which he did not do well, e.g. in the aural tests. The reports written by the examiners (inter alia Adolph Hallis, Petrus Lemmer and David Roode) contain significant views on the candidate who would become Director (Professional) for Music Examinations of Unisa in 1967. It is clear that Joubert structured his training in such a way as to ensure a versatile education. His versatility can be regarded as one of the main factors which contributed to the comprehensive influence Joubert exerted on the development of musical life in South Africa.

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