oa South African Journal of Cultural History - Tydelike wonings van die eerste blanke nedersetters aan die Kaap

Volume 13, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1011-3053



The ships Nieuwe-Haerlem, Oliphant and Schiedam departed on 16 January 1647 as followers of the home-bound fleet from Batavia to patria. On 25 March 1647, the Nieuwe-Haerlem sailed into Table Bay where it stranded. An earthen entrenchment, temporary dwellings and storage places were erected. Junior merchant Leendert Janszen and sixty men remained behind to bring as much as possible of the ship's cargo to safety. In March 1648 the crew and cargo went on board a home-bound fleet. Jan van Riebeeck, his wife Maria and their son Lambertus, as well as two cousins of whom Van Riebeeck was guardian, initially stayed on board the Drommedaris after their arrival in Table Bay in April 1652. On 24 April they went ashore and stayed in a temporary wooden tent. The rest of the people lived in tents made from old canvas. After the completion of the dwellings in the Fort de Goede Hoope on 3 August 1652, everyone moved to these premises. This article is an attempt to reconstruct the temporary dwellings from written and pictorial sources.

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