n De Arte - Imagining fusion : the politics of South Africanism as reflected in the decorative programme of the Pretoria City Hall (1935) : research

Volume 2004, Issue 69
  • ISSN : 0004-3389
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At the first showing in Johannesburg in 1937 of J. H. Amshewtiz's Onward - donated by the Johannesburg business mogul Michael Haskel to the recently completed Pretoria City Hall (1935) and where it still occupies pride of place in the foyer - the Bishop of Pretoria, the Rt. Rev Wilfred Parker, had the following to say about its role in 'unifying the three races in South Africa': 'We are here to admire the artistic creation of a Jewish painter who here depicts an episode in the stormy life of our Dutch friends and forefathers, and here am I, an English bishop, opening the Exhibition. It is thus we affirm our nationhood and determination to work together as lovers of Art and lovers of South Africa' (Amshewtiz 1951:21).

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