n De Arte - Hylton Nel : A curious world, Michael Stevenson, (Ed.) : book review

Volume 2011, Issue 84
  • ISSN : 0004-3389
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Curiosity is piqued on many levels in this attractive book. Nel's entire artistic output could well be described as 'curious' - remarkable, bizarre, unusual and intriguing. His way of life could be described as 'curious'. Heis something of an 'odd man out', trained as a painter but not painting in a conventional way. His preference for living in small communities, away from urban centres (the preferred habitat of most contemporary artists) might also be thought of as 'curious'. This book itself is 'curious' in that an intriguing approach has been taken in this latest publication by Stevenson towards his premier (in fact, only) ceramic artist to exhibit at his gallery on a regular basis.

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