n De Arte - African fashion, global style: Histories, innovation, and ideas you can wear, Victoria Rovine : book review

Volume 2015, Issue 92
  • ISSN : 0004-3389
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Victoria Rovine's new book, , is the first comprehensive, book-length study of contemporary African fashion and its designers - and a welcome addition it is. The book builds on Rovine's previous published work on Bamana (mud cloth), and the role that Malian fashion designer Seydou Keita has played in bringing it into the global fashion market. In this, her new book, Rovine features Keita as one of at least sixteen fashion creators who bring African content to their fashions. Most are of African descent, and while not all regard themselves as fashion designers in the global sense, their clothing lines fit the commonly accepted definition of fashion, with its emphasis on 'change and innovation'.

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