oa East African Geographical Review - Regional contrasts in economic development in Uganda

Volume 1963, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



A study of the economic geography of Uganda would entail an examination of the distribution of economic activities within the country. and of the factors influencing this pattern. Many of these factors are physical or social phenomena, the distribution of which may be related to that of each economic activity; but together with rainfall, soils, tribal customs and numerous other variables, the existing level of economic development in each part of the country may play a role in encouraging or discouraging any activity in that area. This paper attempts to indicate the nature of the spatial relationship between levels of prosperity within Uganda and the pattern of recent economic development. Attention is concentrated on those activities which have been newly established, or which have expanded considerably, during the past decade, in order to discover the nature of the forces currently at work.

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