oa East African Geographical Review - Physical factors influencing land use in coastal Sukumaland

Volume 1965, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



Sukumaland is in general an area of considerable population pressure. Available data indicates that population is particularly concentrated along the coastal margins of Lake Victoria east of Smith Sound, where rural densities range between 150 and 200 per square mile. Away from the lake margin district densities are markedly lower, ranging between 30 and 70 per square mile (Tanganyika Census, 1963). The lacustrine margins which support this present relatively high 'density of population have shown a static or declining population in the intercensal period 1948-57. This is particularly prominent in the Mwanza district where an absolute loss of numbers must be an expression of outward movement by emigration to, the west. In the previous intercensal period, 1934-48. Malcolm (1953) was able to demonstrate clearly a marked immigration into these lake-fringe areas from the interior of the district.

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