oa East African Geographical Review - Patterns of lower school enrolments in Uganda

Volume 1972, Issue 10
  • ISSN : 1937-6812



In an earlier review of geographical literature on patterns of educational provision and opportunity in Tropical Africa1 it was argued that a geographical approach can contribute to understanding the evolution and implications of past, present and, with the aid of the increasingly powerful predictive tools that are available, future patterns of educational opportunity. Although it is usual to conceive of equality of opportunity in a social context,2 there are obvious spatial implications for regional disparities in opportunity create economic and political difficulties. Successive governments of Uganda have recognised the problem of existing regional discrepancies in educational opportunity and declared a policy of reducing these, for Uganda is typical of African countries where schooling is neither compulsory nor universal at any level and 'inequalities in education facilities and their utilization among areas of a country are usual'.3

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