n Africa Education Review - The teacher-learner relationship in the management of discipline in public high schools : research article

Volume 3, Issue 1_2
  • ISSN : 1814-6627
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This article discusses data from a case study involving Grade 8-12 teachers in 14 classrooms. In all the schools that were identified, one teacher from each of the schools was identified for interviewing. After the interview the teacher was used as an 'informant' to identify other teachers who could provide additional information on the issue of classroom discipline in public high schools. Teachers are uncertain about how to relate to the learners and still maintain discipline in the classrooms. Reasons for the persistence of poor teacher-learner relationship include lack of knowledge regarding the effective use of alternatives to corporal punishment and the use of power to establish teacher authority. The results of the study showed that teachers, who are successful in managing misbehaviour in the classrooms, maintain good relations with the learners, encourage self-discipline and dignity, and involve the parents, learner peers as well as other teachers in the learning process. Involving all people who are close to the learner is essential in encouraging the learner to accept the teacher's authority and establish the required interpersonal classroom relationships.

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