n Africa Education Review - 'From OBE to C2005 to RNCS' : are we still on track? : research article

Volume 3, Issue 1_2
  • ISSN : 1814-6627
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There is a general lack of understanding about the interrelationship between outcomes-based education (OBE), Curriculum 2005 (C2005) and the revised National Curriculum Statement (RNCS). There is a tendency to perceive the three as different and distinct entities. This stems from the belief that the transformation of education in South Africa followed the pattern of 'from OBE to C2005 to the RNCS', and that this movement or shift is exclusive in the sense that each step in this chain or progression is totally new and independent of the previous one. Based on this, the author is apprehensive as to whether the RNCS will be implemented as envisaged. The fault may lie with the teachers themselves as a result of acquired prejudices and anxieties, the manner in which the Department of Education (DoE) conducts its advocacy campaigns or the teacher training institutions' curricula.

This article looks at teachers' understanding of this evolutionary sequence, 'from OBE to C2005 to RNCS'; and relates it to the intention to stay on track for the purposes of educational transformation and the implementation of the RNCS.

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