n African Entomology - Respiration of (Thorell) (Scorpionidae) after treadmill exercise and book lung occlusion

Volume 21, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589


After the four spiracle pairs of were stepwise occluded, the oxygen consumption rate (MO) and the accumulation of d-lactate in the haemolymph were measured. D-lactate and MO was also measured during a 15-minute treadmill exercise at a run speed of 0.025 m/sec. The highest d-lactate concentration of 15 mmol/l was obtained after a 15-minute exercise followed by 11 mmol/l d-lactate when all eight spiracles were closed off for one hour. The MO value of 1.93 mmol/l obtained from four closed spiracles does not differ significantly (<0.05, -test) compared with the MO value of eight open spiracles. Possible mechanisms of metabolic rate depression and metabolic down-regulation are discussed. Low haemolymphpH (7.38±0.08) in and other scorpions compared with other terrestrial arthropods are a hallmark inherent to scorpions living in dry xeric conditions.

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