n African Entomology - Influence of shade on the persistence of (Tingidae), a biological control agent of (Solanaceae) in South Africa - : short communication

Volume 22, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Scop. (bugweed, woolly nightshade; Solanaceae), a small perennial tree from South America, is a major environmental weed in South Africa and elsewhere in the world (see review by Olckers 2011). Bugweed populations persist in a variety of habitats in South Africa, ranging from sunny, exposed habitats ( grasslands, savanna and roadsides) to partially shaded and fully shaded habitats ( forest/plantation margins and understoreys, respectively). The lace bug Drake (Hemiptera: Tingidae) was released in South Africa in 1999, and later in New Zealand in 2010, for the biological control of (Olckers 2000, 2011; Olckers & Borea 2009). As is typical of lace bugs ( Buntin 1996), high levels of sap-sucking by the adults and nymphs can reduce the plant's growth rate as a result of leaf chlorosis, reduced rates of photosynthesis and transpiration, as well as premature leaf abscission.

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