n African Entomology - Tiger beetles (Coleoptera : Carabidae : Cicindelinae) of Tunisia : distribution, phenology, taxa list and new records

Volume 23, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



Based on the literature and new faunistic records, the diversity and distribution of the tiger beetles in Tunisia are summarized and discussed. In total, 15 species (one with two subspecies) are reported from the country. However, the occurrence of is questionable, and should be confirmed by newer data. Checklists of tiger beetles are also provided for each Tunisian governorate. The highest diversity was recorded in the region adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea coastline. The area is mainly up to 100ma.s.l. with salt marshes, strands of sandy sea beaches and river banks as main types of habitats occupied by Cicindelinae (14 species or 94% of tiger beetle fauna). Mountainous and desert regions are characterized by much lower diversity (six species or 38% of fauna and two species or 13% of fauna, respectively). Cicindelinae occurring in these areas inhabit predominantly river banks and oases. In chorotype classification, Tunisian tiger beetles fall into six different groups including West Mediterranean species (50% of fauna), Maghreb endemics (19%), Mediterranean, North-African, Mediterranean-Westturanian and Afrotropico-Indo-Mediterranean species (each of them 6% of fauna). According to their phenology, the Tunisian tiger beetles may be divided into three main groups : 1) spring-active species (), 2) spring-summer-active species (), and 3) summer-active species ( and spp.).

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