oa African Entomology - The genus ScraplerLepeletier & Serville (Hymenoptera: Colletidae)

Volume 4, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1021-3589



The genus Scrapter Lepeletier & Serville is endemic to southern Africa. It comprises 31 species, and is represented in most biotypes. Eleven new species are descriptionbed: S. absonus, S. avius, S. calx, S. caesariatus, S. whiteheadi, S. tomentum, S. albifumus, S. chloris, S. luridus, S. fuliginatus and S. amplispinatus. Rhinochaetula capensis Friese is a junior secondary homonym of S. capensis Friese, and has been renamed S. amplitarsus. Twenty three names synonymized: S. sphecodoides (Friese), S. fuscipennis (Friese), S. semirufus Cockerell, S. perpunctatus Cockerell (= S. nttidus (Friese)); S. caffrus (Friese), S. divergens (Friese) (= S. ruficornis (Cockerell)); S. glaberrimus (Friese), S. pallidicinetus Cockerell, S. flavitarsis Cockerell (= S. opaeus (Friese)); (Friese) (= S. basutorum (Cockerell)); S. ornatipes Cockerell (= S. pallidipennis (Cockerell)); S. clarissimus Cockerell (= S. aureiferus Cockerell); S. peringueyi (Cockerell) (= S. heterodoxus (Cockerell)); S. rufiventris (Friese) (=S. bieolor Lepeletier & Serville); S. longulus (Friese), S. vandersteli Cockerell (= S. niger Lepeletier & Serville); S. rufofasciatus (Friese) (= S. algoensis (Friese)); S. crassulus Cockerell, S. turneri Cockerell (= S. erubeseens (Friese)); S. alfkeni (Friese), S. macrocephalus Cockerell, S. braunsianus (Friese) (= S. striatus Smith); S. namaqus (Brauns) (= S. armatipes (Friese)). All species are descriptionbed and a key is provided.

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