n Farmer’s Weekly - The case against holistic management : by invitation

Volume 2016, Issue 16008
  • ISSN : 0041-848X


Claims of the benefits of holistic management (HM) grazing, or indeed of any grazing system, should be supported by scientifically validated studies, not anecdotes. There seem to be no peer-reviewed studies that show HM to be superior to conventional grazing systems, and there is little information about the total number of plant, animal or invertebrate species present when HM is compared with other grazing methods or to ungrazed areas. Any claims of success due to HM are probably due to the management aspects of goal-setting, monitoring and adapting to meet goals rather than to ecological principles. Ecologically, applying the HM principles of trampling and intensive grazing are as detrimental to plants, soil, water storage and plant productivity as the principles of conventional grazing systems.

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