n Southern African Forestry Journal - Growth performance of lesser-known species / provenances at Gairo inland plateau, Morogoro, Tanzania : research note

Volume 2006, Issue 208
  • ISSN : 0038-2167


Growth performance and psyllid resistance was studied among nineteen lesser- known <i>Leucaena</i> species/ provenances at Gairo inland plateau, Morogoro, Tanzania. Assessment was done at irregular intervals for survival, root collar diameter and diameter at 30 cm above the ground, height, diameter at breast height, multiple stems production, biomass and psyllid resistance. Final assessment of these tree attributes was done at 37 months after planting, while psyllid resistance was assessed at 9 and 37 months after planting. During the final assessment occasion, height ranged from 2.69 m for <i>L. collinsii</i> Ex. Chiapas to 4.87 m for <i>L. diversifolia</i> Ex. Veracruz. Diameter at breast height (Dbh) ranged from 2.26 cm for <i>L. shannonnii</i> Ex. Chiapas to 4.93 cm for <i>L. diversifolia</i> Ex.Veracruz, while multiple stems production ranged from 2709 stems ha<sup>-1</sup> for <i>L. pulverulenta</i> Ex. Tamaulipas to 7135 stems ha<sup>-1</sup> for <i>L. leucocephala</i> Ex. Morogoro and untransformed survival ranged from 43.75% for <i>L. pulverulenta</i> Ex. Tamaulipas to 100% for <i>L. diversifolia</i> Ex. Veracruz. Total wood biomass production ranged from 3.74 t/ha for <i>L. shannonnii</i> Ex. Chiapas to 15.61 t/ha for <i>L. diversifolia</i> Ex. Veracruz. The study has shown that species/ provenances differ significantly in survival, diameter, height growth, psyllid resistance, multiple stem production and biomass production. Based on these findings, provenances <i>L. diversifolia</i> Batch (15551), <i>L. diversifolia</i> Ex. Mexico, <i>L. diversifolia</i> Ex. Veracruz and <i>L. pallida</i> Ex. Oaxaca are recommended for Gairo and similar sites.

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