n French Studies in Southern Africa - Apparitions qui séparent : de Nerval

Volume 2003, Issue 32
  • ISSN : 0259-0247


Seemingly chaotic, Gérard de Nerval's works represent an attempt to find a lost unity. would therefore be the ideal book for the author. This work, however, indicates that separation is an essential theme and this articles attempts to unveil it at three levels of discourse: poetical, polemical and symbolic. What at a poetical level seems to be a promising appearance, becomes, in reality, a painful separation, through a transcription of partial memory of a bygone past, which is in essence sorrowful, and the narrator is left with only the mourning for a lost object. This emptiness should be filled by the search for ancestry, both real and symbolic, but separation is at the beginning and the end of each quest.

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