n French Studies in Southern Africa - La traduction de , une trahison loyale et constante

Volume 2014, Issue 44
  • ISSN : 0259-0247



is a controversial underground comic in Afrikaans. This article explores the importance, in translation, of understanding the social and cultural context of the source language in order to capture the essential meaning and impact of the original text in its translation. In the case of the translation of into French, the translator had to bear in mind the position and function of the language in the broader scope of Afrikaans protest literature and, consequently, make certain decisions with regard to his own perception of the role of the translator as bringing the text to the reader (or the reader to the text) in the terms of Schleiermacher. Furthermore, the article explores specific themes that occur in the texts and how their interpretation may influence strategies and considerations that relate specifically to the translation of comics. The importance of stylistic differences and their influence on translation are explored. Other issues that are examined include the translation of names, intertextual references and retranslation. The article calls into question the widely accepted notion that the translator should always translate into his first language, particularly with regard to minority languages.

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