n Gender and Behaviour - Protecting women against domestic violence : current debates and future directions

Volume 11, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



Since the creation of the human race, the place and position of the man and woman has been that of complementing their set of roles for carrying out various important tasks. However, over time the ideals and provisions of modern societal values and laws that lay emphasis on social justice and equity of status and opportunity have not been observed to the letter on matters relating to women. With particular reference to Nigeria, evidence abound of increasing cases of domestic violence against women through the acts of battering, rape, infidelity, divorce, burial rites, property ownership and inheritance etc which is an obvious reflection of gender inequalities and women's victimization. This paper examined the inadequacies associated with the custom and legal system to practically enforce the protection and preservation of women's rights against acts of violence. The paper highlights further the inconsistency in various civil and cultural laws to mitigate the propagation of violence against women, which are repugnant to the law of natural justice, equity and good conscience. The paper concludes by asserting firmly that government must develop the right political will to develop and enforce accordingly stringent legal regulation dealing with violence against women as well as the domestication of national and international treaties dealing with respect for human rights for all without discrimination on account of sex, age, race or colour.

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