n Gender and Behaviour - Gender, religiosity and the personal values of university students in South Africa

Volume 14 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1596-9231


The study investigated if male and female university students exhibit significant differences in their personal values. In addition, the study examined if there are significant differences in the personal values of university students based on their religiosity. Data was collected through the use of self-administered questionnaire in a survey. The study used the Schwartz Portrait Value Questionnaire. Descriptive statistics and the T-test were used for data analysis. The results indicated that male students have higher means than female students in some of the measures of personal values. These are conformity, universalism, stimulation, hedonism, achievement, power and security. Female students have higher means in tradition, benevolence, and self-direction. The only measure of personal values where there is a significant gender difference is power. In addition, the results revealed that students that are religious have higher means in conformity, tradition, benevolence, universalism and security.

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