n Gender and Behaviour - Influence of type of school on self-perception of mathematical ability and achievement among girls in secondary school in Harare

Volume 9, Issue 2
  • ISSN : 1596-9231



The study explored the influence of type of school on fourth-year secondary school girls' self-perception of ability and achievement in Mathematics. The study sample comprised of 90 girls from one girls-only school and one co-educational school in Harare district, who were selected using stratified random sampling techniques. Girls' perception of their ability in mathematics was measured using a self-administered questionnaire with both open- and closed-ended questions Mathematics achievement was assessed using document analysis of the two schools' national examination results over an eleven year period. The findings indicate that the self-perception of mathematical ability of girls in the single-sex school is higher than those in co-educational school. However, there is no significant difference in the achievement of ordinary level girls in mathematics attending either the single-sex or the co-educational school (x2 = 0.4368 p < 0.05).

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