n Acta Germanica : German Studies in Africa - Editorial

Volume 43, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0065-1273



The 27th conference of the Association for German Studies in Southern Africa (SAGV) took place in Windhoek in April 2015. Because of the fact that many academics in German Studies were retrenched or departments closed due to the downsizing in the humanities at South African universities, especially in foreign languages, the majority of participants came from countries around the world such as Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, the USA, Australia and Kenya, to name but a few. Despite the relatively small number of academics remaining in the field of German Studies in Southern Africa, our conferences have become decidedly attractive and gained an international profile over the last two decades, thereby demonstrating that our research is now also acknowledged elsewhere. The conference was devoted to the topic "Histories and Identity". Thereby we wanted to acknowledge that in 2015 several historical events need to be commemorated, both within the (South) African and international context. 100 years ago the First World War had already begun, 70 years ago saw the end of the Second World War and 25 years ago East and West Germany were united after more than 40 years of separation. And Namibia itself also had a reason to celebrate since 25 years ago the country finally gained its independence from South African administrative rule. All of these events have been reflected in literary text in one way or another and are taken into account within the fields of German and Cultural Studies, as well as in Language Studies or Linguistics as the contributions to this volume demonstrate of which some have emerged from this conference.

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