oa South African Health Review - Disease registries : support systems

Volume 2002 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1025-1715



This chapter reviews the disease registries that are currently operating in South Africa. These include : the national and hospital based cancer registries, the dialysis and transplantation registry, the birth defects registry and the surveillance registry of work-related and occupational respiratory diseases in South Africa (SORDSA). <br>These registries are not covered by legislation regarding disease notification and were initiated largely as a result of scientific interest and operate with minimal resources. Despite these limitations they provide invaluable information, which would otherwise not be available from routine surveillance systems. <br>The chapter attempts to demonstrate the importance of disease registries in contributing to public health planning and evaluation. They do not only contribute to policy formulation but are used in monitoring and managing patients (the dialysis and transplantation registry) as well as in formulation of hypotheses for epidemiological research. Recommendations on how to improve the quality of existing registries and their uses are made.

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