oa South African Health Review - The private health sector : cross-cutting health systems issues

Volume 2005 Number 1
  • ISSN : 1025-1715



South Africa has a large public health sector as well as an extensive, well-established private sector. This chapter explores the stewardship role of government in relation to the private sector, emphasising the cooperative working relationship needed to optimise the contribution from the public sector in transforming the health system. The chapter discusses the latest developments, challenges and the way forward in four main areas: legislation, finance and social insurance, public-private initiatives and human resources. The implications of the new Health Act of 2003, especially the Certificate of Need are discussed and the draft Health Charter is reviewed. The chapter concludes with a set of recommendations, highlighting the importance of a joint vision for transformation between the public and private sector, the need for a social health insurance system, the need for more guidance and evaluation of private-public initiatives and the need for a human resources plan that can apply to both the public and private sectors.

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