n South African Journal of Higher Education - University students benefitting from the medium of computer games : a case study

Volume 14, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



University students in South Africa come from diverse backgrounds. Exposure to different types of resources are limited for some students, especially those who stay in resource deprived conditions. This article proofs the significant role computer games can play in providing learning opportunities for resource deprived students. It also reveals the correlation between the resource-deprived students' preference for certain types of games and their game literacy levels. Depending on their resource levels, different intrinsic motivators cause students to continue playing these games, although recognition is the most important motivator. After exposure to the games as individuals and in groups the English Second Language (ESL) proficiency of the resource deprived learners showed a great improvement and this finding is supported by their way of coping with computers in a lecture. More exposure to the games allowed them to become more game literate which increased their scores in the games which in turn motivated them to learn more from the games.

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