n South African Journal of Higher Education - In recognition of our universal human condition : a response to Galit Caduri's article 'Universality plus difference'

Volume 27, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1011-3487



In her commentary on my article, 'A reformed Islamic education: Grounds for revisiting cosmopolitanism' (Davids 2012), Caduri (2013) highlights three difficulties. The first one she describes as a conceptual ambiguity with regard to my use of the term 'identity', which leads to me contradicting myself. Her second difficulty relates to my argument for attaching more value to the other - which she interprets as an attempt to avoid a relationship of power, and then diagnoses as suffering from self-refutation. And her third difficulty lies with my claim to articulate a new cosmopolitanism which does not separate individuals from their culture, which Caduri dismisses as a resonance rather than an innovative theory. In responding to Caduri's afore-mentioned difficulties, I will commence with what I consider to be her most problematic commentary - her concluding verdict that, 'Davids swims against the current by challenging her roots as well as the widespread fundamentalist view of Islam in a very convincing way, allowing her personal voice to emerge. Thus, reading her article might change not just what people know, but also who they are.'

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