n IFE PsychologIA : An International Journal - Influence of psycho-demographic factors and effectiveness of psycho-behavioural interventions on sexual risk behaviour of in-school adolescents in Ibadan City

Volume 20, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 1117-1421


Sexual risk behaviours (SRBs) among youths continue to reverse the initial gains in HIV / STD control in Nigeria. Very little is known about the interactive influence of psycho-demographic factors (self concept, HIV / AIDS knowledge, and gendezr) and psycho-behavioural interventions (psychoeducation and assertiveness training) in reducing HIV SRBs among at-risk in-school adolescents.

The study investigated the influence of psychodemographic factors and psycho-behavioural interventions on HIV SRB. The quasi-experimental study purposively recruited 120 participants who reported unsafe HIV SRB during a school-wide survey in Ibadan. They responded to an 85-item questionnaire, and were further exposed to a 6- week psycho-behavioural treatment. Following a 3x2x2x2 ANCOVA, MCA and descriptive statistics, results showed that treatments significantly influenced HIV SRB (F (2,119) = 11.31, P <0.005). Psycho-education intervention participants recorded greater reductions in HIV SRB (n,40, x =29.57), followed by the assertiveness training group (n,40, x =39.68), and lastly the control group (n,40, x = 43.90). Female adolescents with high self-concept and good knowledge of HIV/AIDS who received psycho-education recorded the greatest reduction in HIV SRB (n6, x =24.67, SD=5.89). Male adolescents in the control group with low selfconcept but with good HIV / AIDS knowledge (n6, x = 53.50, SD=16.23) recorded the most unsafe post intervention HIV SRB score.
Good knowledge of HIV / AIDS alone does not yield safe HIV SRB, but additional exposure to psychoeducation, with good self-concept development. Therefore, behavioural techniques should be considered along with other interventions in STDs and HIV control among in-school adolescents.

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