oa Graphix - Graphix, personalised just for you : editor's forum

Volume 9, Issue 3
  • ISSN : 1816-0786



I'm thrilled to bits with the first ever Graphix VDP cover. If your details are on the cover, we hope you're equally impressed! Although tons of effort was put in from all sides, Bytes, Ince and Graphix, we are sure that you agree it was worth it in the end. As printers, the general consensus is that the best business is just putting ink on paper. This, however, will not bear fruit in years to come as printers will have to become media sales people, armed with a plethora of solutions for their clients. VDP, although still in its infancy in South Africa, is a perfect vehicle to stay ahead of your competition and, as you can see, is not an impossible task.

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