n South African Food Review - Microbiological risk assessment in food processing : online

Volume 41, Issue 7
  • ISSN : 0379-6000



Throughout food safety management standards, Risk Assessment (RA) has become the core tool required to determine the scope and nature of specific food safety controls and programmes. From HACCP to pest control, food and beverage manufacturers are now required to conduct an assessment of risk to support and justify their food safety management system. RA is a scientific and analytical process or tool that requires various factors to be assessed before deciding on the significance of a particular hazard. However, its effective use requires knowledge of the principles and practices of RA and good quality data to drive valid decisions. In the world of food safety, microbiological hazards represent the greatest risk in terms of poor consumer outcomes when an outbreak occurs. On the serious end of the scale, these incidents often result in wide spread illness, hospitalisations, chronic medical conditions and deaths.

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