n IMFO : Official Journal of the Institute of Municipal Finance Officers - Service delivery in South Africa - are we there yet?

Volume 10, Issue 4
  • ISSN : 1607-520X



Statistics South Africa is usually associated with the demographic, labour and social data it collects. However, a sizeable and important area of collection involves gathering of economic data, including that used for the calculation of the CPI, employment, and trade and government statistics. The government statistics section collects financial statistics for the general government, as well as undertaking a survey on municipalities' service delivery. Recently, there has been a public outcry regarding service delivery, and this article provides some indication of the services provided by the municipalities. The Non-financial census of municipalities (NFC) collects information from all municipalities and its purpose is to provide information that can serve as a framework to stakeholders and policy-makers in planning, as well as monitoring and evaluating the performance of municipalities.

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