n Institute of African Studies Research Review - Sexuality of the aged and people with disability : challenging popular folkways

Volume 26, Issue 1
  • ISSN : 0855-4412



In Sub-Saharan Africa sex is nearly a taboo subject, although in this region HIV is mostly transmitted through the expression of sexuality. Given this, our study aimed primarily at opening up communication on sexuality and to garner sexuality-related information that have implications for HIV and AIDS.

Eighty-one qualitative interviews were conducted across all ecological zones of Ghana. This paper teases out the findings on the aged and the physically challenged. All the respondents indicated that sexual activity amongst the aged is normal and acceptable, and all but one of them approved of having multiple sexual partners for males, but not for females.
Similarly, all the respondents expected people with disabilities to express their sexuality by having sexual intercourse and marrying, although people with disabilities are discriminated against when it comes to choosing their sexual partners. Our findings have implications for the spread of HIV and AIDS heterosexually.

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